Protex 6L

Protex 6L

This enzyme from Bacillus licheniformis was sold ori g inally by Genencor under the brand name Protex 6L . Recently its name has been changed to Multifect PR 6L but the enzyme remains unchanged. Furthermore Genencor International is now part of DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Vitamin determination

A diagnostic application is the determination of β-Carotene. For a discription see the article "Method for the Determination of β-Carotene in Supplements and Raw Materials by Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography: Single Laboratory Validation" by Joseph Schierle, Bernd Pietsch, Alan Ceresa, and Christian Fizet published in J AOAC Int. 2004; 87(5): 1070–1082.


ChiralVision supplies R&D quantities of Protex 6L.

Product name: CV-P6L


135 euro / 250 ml

295 euro / liter

Shipping not included, will be quoted separately.

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