For each immobilized enzyme optimization of activity and stability is performed. After immobilization all Immozymes are washed extensively. Finally, they are dried yielding an enzyme that can be stored for prolonged times and used in water-free media.

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Discover immobilized lipases

ChiralVision’s immobilized lipases are ideal for applications in aqueous, biphasic and water-free conditions.

All Immozymes are available separate in bulk or in a convenient screening kit. The kit contains 18 covalently immobilized enzymes (on IB-COV-1):
-18 immobilized lipases
-1 gram each
-covalently bound on polyacrylic bead IB-COV-1 (particle size 150 - 600 μm)


TBU activity: hydrolysis of tributyrin (“TB” Units) with water to butyric acid and diglycerides.
1 TBU unit = 1 μmol butyric acid released per minute / g immobilized enzyme.
Conditions: 1-10% tributyrin in buffer at 40°C and pH 7.5. Reaction time: 5-30 minutes


PLU activity: esterification of lauric acid with 1-propanol to propyllaurate (“PL” Units).
1 PLU unit = 1 μmol propyllaurate formed per minute / g immobilized enzyme.
Conditions: 1 eq lauric acid, 1.2 eq 1-propanol and 0.44 eq water at 60°C. Reaction time: 5 minutes

Indicative activities of immobilized lipases in:

hydrolysis (TBU) and esterification (PLU).

Immozymes Lipase product price list (PDF)