Immobilized lipases, proteases and other enzymes


Immobilization of enzymes and proteins in general requires special carriers. ChiralVision offers carriers with high porosity and various binding modes for optimal immobilization.

Our enzyme carriers with binding through epoxides, adsorption, cationic groups, anionic groups and His-tags cover the most important range of binding options.


Bead product list (PDF)


chiral compounds

Immobeads: covalent, adsorption and ionic binding

Macroporous carriers for enzyme immobilization or protein purification. Available as screening kit or separate in bulk.

Kit content:
-12 macroporous carriers
-for covalent, adsorbed and ionic binding
-25 gram each

Immobead product list (PDF)

Immobeads: His-tag binding

The Immobead His-tag product line is suited for binding enzymes and proteins with a His-tag domain. The carriers have nickel attached via an iminodiacetic acid (IDA) or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) group and are ready for use. Available as screening kit or individual as bulk.

Kit content:
- 6 macroporous carriers
- His-tag binding
- 25 gram each

His-tag Immobead product list (PDF)