For each immobilized enzyme optimization of activity and stability is performed. After immobilization all Immozymes are washed extensively. Finally, they are dried yielding an enzyme that can be stored for prolonged times and used in water-free media.

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Discover immobilized proteases

ChiralVision’s immobilized proteases are ideal for resolutions under aqueous, biphasic and water-free conditions for hydrolysis, esterification and amidation of a wide variety of substrates. These immozymes are available individually in any quantity or in a screening kit:

-22 immobilized proteases / kit
-1 gram each
-covalently bound on IB-COV-2
-particle size 150-500 μm


ELU activity: hydrolysis of (-)L-ethyllactate (“EL” Units) with water to lactic acid.
1 ELU unit = 1 μmol lactic acid released per minute / g immobilized enzyme.
Conditions: 30% ethyllactate in buffer at 25°C and pH 6.8. Reaction time: 5 minutes


BYU activity: esterification of BOC-tyrosine (“BY” Units) with 1,3-propandiol to BOC-Tyr-OC3H6OH.
1 BYU unit = 1 μmol BOC-tyrosine ester produced per minute / g immobilized enzyme.
Conditions: 10% Boc-tyrosine in 1,3-propandiol (W/V) with 2.5% water at 60°C. Reaction time: 1 hour.


GAU activity: amidation of BOC-Tyr-OC3H6OH with glycinamide to the corresponding dipeptide.
1 GAU unit = 1 μmol BOC-tyrosine amide produced per minute / g immobilized enzyme.
Conditions: 10% Boc-tyrosine ester and glycinamide (2M) in 1,3-propandiol (W/V) with 2.5% water at 40°C.
Reaction time: 1-24 hour to reach maximum conversion.



Product nr. Proteases - Immobilized formulations 
IMMALC-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus sp.(Subtilisin, Alcalase). Activity: 400 ELU / g.
IMMSAV-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus sp. (Subtilisin, Savinase). Activity: 500 ELU / g. 
IMMEVE-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus sp. (Subtilisin, Everlase). Activity: 100 ELU / g. 
IMMESP-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus sp. (Subtilisin, Esperase). Activity: 275 ELU / g.
IMMP6-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus licheniformis (Protex 6L, Multifect PR 6L). Activity: 400 ELU / g.
IMMP7-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (Protex 7L, Multifect PR 7L). Activity: 15 ELU / g.
IMMP14-COV-2 Protease from Geobacillus sp. (Thermolysin, Protex 14L, PROTEINASE T). Activity: 5 ELU / g.
IMMP15-COV-2 Protease from Trichoderma reesei (Protex 15L, Multifect PR 15L). Activity: 5 ELU / g.
IMMP30-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus subtilis (Protex 30L, Multifect PR 30L). Activity: 225 ELU / g.
IMMP40-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus subtilis (Protex 40L, OPTIMASE PR 40L). Activity: 400 ELU / g.
IMMP50-COV-2 Protease from Aspergillus oryzae var. (Protex 50 FP, Multifect PR 50G). Activity: 5 ELU / g.
IMMP51-COV-2 Protease from Aspergillus oryzae (Protex 51 FP, Multifect PR 51G).  Activity 65 ELU/g
IMMP89-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus subtilis (Protex 89L, OPTIMASE PR 89L). Activity: 150 ELU/g.
IMMAUAC-COV-2 Protease from Aspergillus niger (Acid protease). Activity: 5 ELU / g.
IMMAUNE-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus subtilis (Neutral protease). Activity: 10 ELU / g.
IMMAUAL-COV-2 Protease from Bacillus subtilis (Alkaline protease). Activity: 175 ELU / g.
IMMPAP-COV-2 Protease from Carica papaya (Papain). Activity: 5 ELU / g.
IMMBRO-COV-2 Protease from pineapple stem (Bromelain). Activity: 5 ELU / g.
IMMFIC-COV-2 Protease from fig tree latex (Ficin). Activity: 5 ELU / g.
IMMACT-COV-2 Protease from kiwi (Actinidine). Activity: 5 ELU / g.
IMMNEU-COV-2 Neutral metallo endoprotease produced in Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (Neutrase). Activity: 20 ELU / g
IMMFLAV-COV-2 Aminopeptidase, exoprotease N-terminus produced in Aspergillus oryzae (Flavourzyme). Activity: 350 ELU / g
IMMPROT-2200 Immozyme protease Kit, 22 immobilized proteases, covalent on IB-COV-2, 1 gram each 
  *Registered trademark from: 1-4, 21-22 Novozymes; 5-13 DuPont Industrial Biosciences; 14-16 Aum Enzymes; 17-19 Sigma, 20 KiwiEnzyme