Innovative biocatalysis

Chemistry is reinvented by applying biocatalysis and immobilization to your process.

Finding the right enzyme takes you only half way. Designing the production process around it and applying immobilization to allow for more extreme conditions, recycling and full removal takes you all the way.

For over 15 years ChiralVision has designed, developed and scaled-up immobilized enzyme processes for all thinkable markets. It is our mission to continue to do so. Just check out our website and contact us to find out how we can help you to innovate your business!

Enzyme Immobilization

State of the art carriers provide immobilized enzymes that excel in your application. ChiralVision applies the latest developments in the design and manufacturing of immobilized enzymes.

Whether you need high performance macroporous beads for pharma or super cost effective and renewable carriers for environmental applications, ChiralVision has the technology readily available.

Enzyme Technology Alliance

Four European Biotech SMEs form the Enzyme Technology Alliance to offer protein and enzymatic process R&D from early discovery to chemical manufacturing across the entire value chain. read more

Your market with enzymes

Enzyme immobilization technology allows you to make innovations in chiral pharma, chiral intermediates, life sciences, cosmetics, food, feed, biofuels, environment and more!

ChiralVision designs, develops and scales-up immobilized enzyme processes for all these markets meeting all technical and economical demands.