Company history:

In 2006 it was 400 years ago that Rembrandt van Rijn was born in Leiden. Currently this town is host to a new generation of “Dutch masters”.

Dedicated to the application of biocatalysis ChiralVision was founded in 2006, privately funded with headquarters in Leiden, The Netherlands

Some "historic" highlights:

2006 - Introduction of first Immozymes and chiral products

2006 - 1st patented custom API process

2007 - Collaboration with Genencor International

2008 - Products available via Sigma-Aldrich

2008 - 1st Immozyme in API production process

2009 - Over 100 immobilized enzyme products

2010 - Over 60 unique chiral compounds in portfolio

2010 - Food & Nutrition Delta funding for "healthy fats"

2012 - EU funding for clean water research (Endetech)

2013 - EU project for phosphate recycling (Phosfarm)

2015 - Collaboration with Nordic Chemquest (now SpinChem) for SpinChem reactor development

see the news page for recent developments

Business model:

ChiralVision develops biocatalysis based technologies and solutions. We can help you to develop new and proprietary solutions in various markets, or take your existing technology and develop a scalable process.

We are a supplier of off-shelf (immobilized) enzymes, chiral molecules, custom products, technology subcontractor or collaborator in a joint development effort.

To discuss your interest please email or phone us:


Tel: +31 71 332 2124


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