Immobilized lipases, proteases and other enzymes


Immobilization of enzymes and proteins in general requires special carriers. ChiralVision offers carriers with high porosity and various binding modes for optimal immobilization.

Our enzyme carriers with binding through epoxides, adsorption, cationic groups, anionic groups and His-tags cover the most important range of binding options.


Bead product list (PDF)


chiral compounds


Immobeads: covalent, adsorption and ionic binding

Macroporous carriers for enzyme immobilization or protein purification. Available in various screening kit combination or separate in bulk.

Product name Type Matrix Functional groups Water % µm Particle size (mean)
IB-COV-1 Covalent, very hydrophobic Polyacrylic low epoxide and high butyl 75 150-600
IB-COV-2 Covalent, hydrophilic Polyacrylic epoxide and low butyl 75 150-710 (431)
IB-COV-4 Covalent, very hydrophobic Polyacrylic low epoxide and octadecyl 75 150-600 (310)
IB-COV-5 Covalent, hydrophobic Polyacrylic epoxide and hexadecyl/octadecyl 70 200-710 (432)
IB-COV-6 Covalent, very hydrophilic Polyacrylic epoxide and hydroxyethyl 70 200-710 (449)
IB-COV-7 Covalent, hydrophilic Polyacrylic epoxide 55-65 150-300 (90%)
IB-COV-8 Covalent, very hydrophilic Polyacrylic epoxide  70 200-710 (460)
IB-ADS-1 Adsorption, apolar Polyacrylic hexadecyl/octadecyl 65 350-700
IB-ADS-4 Adsorption, polar Polystyrene styrene, methyl 58 300-700
IB-ADS-5 Adsorption, apolar Polystyrene / DVB methyl 50-60 315-1250
IB-ADS-6 Adsorption, apolar Polystyrene / DVB Styrene 60-70 315-1250
IB-ADS-7 Adsorption, apolar Polystyrene / DVB Styrene  50-60 300-900
IB-CAT-1 Cationic, strong Polystyrene sulphonic 56 300-700
IB-ANI-2 Anionic, weak Polystyrene Tertiary amine 55 630
IB-ANI-3 Anionic, weak Polystyrene Quaternary amine 72 800
IB-ANI-4 Anionic, strong Polystyrene Quaternary amine 62 690
IB-ANI-5 Anionic, apolar Polyacrylic Hexamethylenediamine 50-60 300-500
IB-ANI-6 Anionic, polar Polystyrene / DVB Tertiary amine 53-60 400-1250
IB-ANI-7 Anionic, very polar Polyacrylic Primary, secondary amine  70 200-710 (460)
IB-ANI-8 Anionic, very polar Polyacrylic Primary amine 70 200-710 (449)
IB-ANI-9 Anionic, apolar Polyacrylic Secondary, tertiary amine 70 200-710 (432)

Immobead product list (PDF)

Immobeads: His-tag binding

The Immobead His-tag product line is suited for binding enzymes and proteins with a His-tag domain. The carriers have nickel attached via an iminodiacetic acid (IDA), nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) group and are ready for use. Available as screening kit or individual in various quantities as well as in bulk.


Product name Type Matrix Functional groups
IB-HIS-1 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic low IDA-nickel, high butyl
IB-HIS-2 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic IDA-nickel, low butyl
IB-HIS-3 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic low IDA-nickel, octadecyl
IB-HIS-4 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic IDA-nickel, hexadecyl/octadecyl
IB-HIS-6 Ni+, His-tag Silica APTES, EDTA-nickel
IB-HIS-7 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic IDA-nickel, hydroxyethyl
IB-HIS-8 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic IDA-nickel
IB-HIS-9 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic IDA, NH2 and Nickel
IB-HIS-10 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic NH2, NTA and Nickel
IB-HIS-11 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic HMDA, NTA and Nickel
IB-HIS-12 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic IDA and Nickel
IB-HIS-13 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic HMDA, NTA and Nickel
IB-HIS-14 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic NTA and Nickel
IB-HIS-15 Ni+, His-tag Silica APTES, NTA and Nickel
IB-HIS-16 Ni+, His-tag cellulose HMDA, NTA and Nickel
IB-HIS-17 Ni+, His-tag Polyacrylic NTA and Nickel

His-tag Immobead product list (PDF)


Immobeads: screening kits

Various screening kits are available with a variation in binding types.

Catalog No. Immobead enzyme carrier Kit - Pricing in euro (ex. shipping) Euro
IMMO-14 selection of 14 enzyme carriers (for covalent, ionic and adsorbtion binding of enzymes), 25 g each 699 €
IMMO-COV 7 epoxide carriers for covalent enzyme binding, 25 g each 349 €
IMMO-ADS 5 adsorbing enzyme carriers, 25 g each 349 €
IMMO-ANI 8 anionic carriers for ionic binding of enzymes), 25 g each 399 €
IMMO-HIS 16 nickel loaded carriers for HIS-tag affinity binding of enzymes, 25 g each 799 €